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Make“me”Up Party

Grab your friends and host a fun “Girls Night In”! Whether you know a group of pre-teens just learning the basics, or a new mommy desperately in need of a night out to let loose and feel fancy, this beauty and fashion party is just for you! Have fun, while learning simple techniques that improve your style and confidence for any occasion. Best of all, we will use makeup and clothing that you already have, so the only things to focus on is having a great time! To show off your new look, every party ends with a “profile pic” photo shoot! “Man Makeover” and Pre-teen “Beginner Basics” parties are available too!

Accountability Coach

I had a ski accident a while back that totally changed my outlook on life. When I thought I was just recovering from physical injuries, I realized I was also broken on the inside. There’s an old quote, “if an egg is broken from outside force, life ends, however if it’s broken from the inside, life begins”. Do you have a little extra time to dedicate towards your LifeStyle? Does the idea of digging deep to figure out the “why” instead of the “how” intrigue you? For around $2 per day, I can help you with your goals that take some my favorite trainers always say, “it may not be easy, but it will be worth it!”.


I personally lost over 50 pounds about two years ago and have kept it off. I committed myself to a few changes that were in my control- exercise classes at my favorite gym, making good choices on people I associated with, and focused on eating healthy foods that worked best for MY LifeSTYLE. I can help identify good, bad, and sometimes hidden “things” you can easily avoid. Again, I can only speak for what’s worked for me, but I’ve consulted with my own personal doctors and personal trainers over the years, and came up with goals that were realistic, and attainable for ME...together, and after your doctor’s clearance, I can assist with coming up with a personalized plan focused on an approved goal, that’s customized for YOU! Celebrating little victories and only worrying about things that are in your control (no matter what your goals are) are extremely helpful while trying to stay on track.


With dedication, you will first FEEL the difference, and then after a few weeks, you will SEE the difference! I am available to be your very own, secret “cheerleader”...I promise to be there to vent, cry, celebrate, absolutely anything you need at all. I am available to help support you every step of the way, through texting, emailing, calling, meeting...whatever works best for YOU!!​

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